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My expertise includes UX/UI Design, Front-end Development and Wordpress.

24 years old I come from a small town Kovacica, near Belgrade in Serbia. I participated in various digital projects as a freelancer and worked with some amazing clients from all around the world.


How can the newly startup reach its users? Just ask me, and together we will create the digital experience that anyone can adore.


An effective brand gives you a major edge in competitive markets. It is much more than just a nice logo. It includes the expressions, thoughts, and feelings people have about your business or product. Brands visual identity may include the use of logos, photos, fonts, and other visual elements.

UX/UI Design

The core foundations of a delightful user experience when viewing a website must be FIRE. Fast, integrated, reliable and engaging. Using a lot of explorations, prototypes and user feedback I am always advancing my methods to improve the look and feel of your website.

Web Design

I have 3 years of experience in bringing to life functional, clean and modern websites. The ever-growing use of portable devices brings us a big demand for responsive websites that will look sharp on any device. You will never have to worry about losing customers, whether they are visiting your website on their laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.


You feel overwhelmed by the fact that you can own a professional looking website from scratch? Try the Wordpress, and I will help you in making the best theme that will suit your needs the most. Perfect for small businesses, freelancers, writers, music bands. Possibilities are endless, tied by imagination.

Selected Projects.

  • Year: 2017
  • Category: Wordpress
Velimir Brankovic

My name is Velimir Brankovic. Daydreamer, light seeker, wanderer. Join me in my quest for moments shaped by light, beautiful places and amazing people.

  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Wordpress

Kreatornica is an association of artists and craftsmen from Kovańćica, Serbia. It was founded in 2012.

  • Year: 2018
  • Category: My Product

Copywriter is HTML5 Theme. Minimal design, simple to use page and clean code give the best professional experience that you and your future clients can get.