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Kreatornica is an association of artists and craftsmen from Kovačica, Serbia. It was founded in 2012. Today it has 16 members of various artistic interests, whose goals are the preservation and promotion of old crafts and handicrafts, cultivation of cultural and artistic diversity in the region, as well as international cooperation with similar associations in Europe. The workshops and products from the Kreatornica workshop have the same tradition as modern use value.


The artists give priority to natural materials (wood, pumpkin, semi-precious stones, iron, glass, leather, natural fabrics, etc.) and put emphasis on the freedom of artistic expression. The work of the association includes joint social and cultural activities, familiarization of the interested public, children and the elderly with techniques of concrete crafts and manual work through educational meetings and workshops, the inclusion of experienced artists and art lovers in the activities of the association and the spread of enthusiasm for creative work.


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